What can I do about condensation?

Whilst it is a fact that, without changing your lifestyle dramatically, you cannot always eradicate condensation, you can take steps to reduce the extent of the problem. Condensation occurs as a result of mosture being carried in the air and coming into contact with a temperature source that is at variance with the vapour.

Most of the moisture within the home emanates from within the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the living room. In order to provide ventilation and thereby reduce the risk of condensation always open as many windows as possible, particularly on washing day.

It should be remembered of course that cold rooms give rise to condensation far quicker than warm rooms. It is imperative therefore that a near constant temperature level be maintained where possible. Keeping internal doors closed, wherever possible, and leaving a window open will substantially inhibit the circulation of water vapour throughout the home. Obviously during colder spells this will involve a degree of heat loss. An extractor fan or cooker hood can certainly help minimise the build up of moisture laden air in the kitchen.

There are a number of less obvious sources of moisture that you may not have considered - were you aware that a Gas heater can produce up to a pint of water vapour per hour, and a Paraffin heater in excess of one pint of water vapour per pint of Paraffin burned ? It should also be noted that a tropical fish tank produces water vapour at an alarming rate, and house-plants can contribute to the problem quite substantially. It is perhaps surprising that two adults in an average sized bedroom will produce more than a pint of water vapour each night.

Do I need to replace my windows and doors?

Do not be talked into full replacement of existing windows and doors without first seeking advice from a Company specialising in repairs and maintenance, as opposed to one primarily interested in installation. Most parts, even those considered obsolete, can be replaced on either a like for like basis or by utilising a modified alternative. Remember it's always cheaper and less inconvenient to repair.

If security is a concern there are a host of methods, including upgraded locks and hinges, available to suit your requirements.

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