Handy Hints

Patio Doors - It is important to keep the sliding door track clean of dirt and grit to ensure continued smooth operation. If an optional night ventilator is fitted the apertures can be easily cleaned with the help of a soft bristle brush.

Locks and Hinges - An occasional light spray of WD-40 applied to the door hinges should be all that is required to ensure continued smooth action but in certain cases you may find a spot of light machine oil will prove more ideal. Also a light spray of WD-40 into the lock cylinder will ensure easy operation of the key.

Glass - Remember to never attempt to clean glass in bright sunlight as the glass will dry before you have had a chance to buff. For best results, and to help avoid smears, always use a damp leather and a clean dry cloth. If you come up against a stubborn smear try adding a drop or two of vinegar or methylated spirits to the water.

Openers - If the black sealing strip appears to stick slightly to the frame when opening a window or door try dusting it lightly with talc without adversely affecting the sealing power.

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